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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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right? >> i want to recognize enterprise high school students for their summer gardening program. 32 high school students participated in this long-standing programs working with staff. students worked on a variety of projects including clearly ivy and replanting areas. this is a summer partnership that dates back to 1978 and enterprise is in the process of applying a grant to expand the program year round on saturdays. i wanted to say thank you to enterprise and the kids that volunteered in our parks this tomorrow. talk of summer brings us into our fall season. this marks the beginning of our fall season under our new recreation model. staff and managers have been working nonstop over the last several weeks to get the new model off of the ground. wonderful training sessions i have attended over the last week. i want to thank and commend them for their efforts so far. as you know our new model moved
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from an outdated mod toll one more flexible. we have city wide programming. and we are actually optimistic that even with fewer staff we will offer more programming than we have in the past and will have more community input on what the programming needs are at our various recreation centers. we have the fall season broken up into segments as we build our new model. phase one just started with after school enrichment programs, early childhood development programs. phase two begins the first week in september after labor day going into the first week of october.
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the green machine, you might have seen yesterday we had a demonstration held for staff and supervisors thanks to a partnership our first of its kind green steam machine. it is the first one in the united states. it is an alternative for weed control. it further reduces the use. tell provide cost savings over time. >> seems to me we ought to get publicity on that. >> we did have publicity about it and we will keep pushing it. our park scores are at a 19
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average. the highest that they have ever been. it is also a testament to our very successful effort and partnership through the job now program. we had over 100 individuals participate in our jobs now program who have been instrumental in our park maintenance. outside land. i wanted to take a quick opportunity to update you. another plan estimates 80,000 people over the course of the two days. it was a terrific event. i think those that were out there felt very good. this was our smoothest year ever. how the event went during it is weekend. had year we had a great partnership with the san
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francisco pld. i want to commend martha and the department of park and traffic. >> i always used to be able to hear it from my house and i couldn't hear it this time. >> this weekend marked a special day for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. he was sorely missed. i was in berkeley at a craigs list foundation boot camp.
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upcoming events. there is optional camping and all meals are provided for volunteers. on saturday from 9:00 a.m. to noon we will host a meet and greet event. an opportunity to meet staff and each other to learn about the plans and enjoy light refreshments. golden gate park the second annual horse shoe tournament.
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our annual show in the county fair buildings with our great partners. it is there, please join. sunday is sunday streets in golden gate park. we have a very busy weekend. last thing i want to remind you all around the corner on september 15th is the party for the parks. it will be held at the japanese teagarden in golden gate park. the very last announcement is i am very pleased and proud to report that our concourse fountain project is coming to an end. if you have been out there,
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they are testing the fountains now. you can actually see them on. while we may do a soft opening sooner, we will have our official turn on the fountains celebration on september 10th at 9:30 in the morning. and that concludes the general managers report. >> is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> thank you for arranging a tour of the outside lands. i got a chance to see the set occupy saturday. and then i came back on sunday evening and the one thing that i noticed was the size of the crowds. the size of the crowd on sunday
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was significantly larger than the size of the crowd on saturday. and i was wondering, given the headliners on saturday and sunday why did they not have their bigger day on saturday and have the headliners on saturday and the lighter night on sunday since it ends earlier and the next day is the first day of school. have a lighter turnout? that is maybe something that we should think about as you are moving into next year. the other thing that i saw was the overall the event was well run. the interesting thing i saw on monday was in the chronicle, the video of the fence jumpers. every year we see almost in the same spot. they tend to attack the fence. you can see the kids running in. i was wondering if this is something we can address next year since it happens every
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year since the festival started. they kind of hit the same spot. maybe that is something. >> thank you for both comments commissioner. somebody who was tired and bleary on monday morning. i appreciate your comments about sunday night headliner, which was terrific. kings of leon. i am not in the music business. we leave the booking of talent to the event producer as i am sure you appreciate there are a myriad logistical challenges. but i will pass along the sggeds that we try to have a bigger name entertainers on saturday night. and i think this year with respect to security they had two lines of fencing this year. my report although you might have seen incidents of febs jumping. that will likely happen at any
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event or concert. i am told by the san francisco police department that this year the crowd was well behaved and security was thoughtful as it has ever been. >> my comment regarding sunday is the sunday night it did not move as freely as saturday. there were many more people. the cut off was earlier. that is a direction. and finally i saw on the report there were two homicides on park property in the last month or so? is that correct?>> in july we ht
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involving two homeless individuals. we had an incident in boy in a visa, but that was on the street in front of the park. >> was that typical? >> these were very unfortunate incidents, but i feel confident our parks are safe. we do not have anything resembling the level of violent crimes. our officers are doing a terrific job. we have people travel all of and down the coast, so we are extra diligent.
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>> that concludes the general managers' report. >> we're on item 14 which is general public comment. would anyone like to make general public comment? this item is closed. seeing none, public comment is closed. we will move to closed session. >> we might as well do it here unless it is >> we will elect whether to make it disclosed what was discussed. >> i would like to make a motion not to disclose what was discussed. >> second. >> item 19 is commissioners matters.
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>> i want end of day -- an update on the garage. >> they you want to put it on for next meeting for a report on it? >> are there any other commissioners matters? any public comment? item is closed. 20 is new business. is there any public comment? item 20 is closed. communication, is there any public comment? public comment is closed, and item 22 is adjournment. >> unanimous, thank you.
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>> i work with the department of environment and we are recycling oil. thank you. we can go into a refinery and we can use it again. they do oil changes and sell it anyway, so now they know when a ticket to a. hal>> to you have something you want to get rid of? >> why throw it away when you can reuse it? >> it can be filtered out and used for other products.
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>> [speaking spanish] >> it is going to be a good thing for us to take used motor oil from customers. we have a 75-gallon tank that we used and we have someone take it from here to recycle. >> so far, we have 35 people. we have collected 78 gallons, if not more. these are other locations that you can go. it is absolutely free. you just need to have the location open. you are set to go.
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>> we thought we wouldd< take ts weekly video out on the road. we are here at recology at the recycling center. if you ever wondered where your recyclables go, and this new mandate for composting, the new challenges and mandates around recycling, what we are trying to achieve -- it all starts right here. we just marked an important milestone in our city. i would argue important this nationn francisco has now achieved a 77% diversion rate, the highest in america. no big city can lay claim to diverting that much of their waste, and that is why that composting requirement was so important. this is why our efforts to
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consumption and distribution and the like of plastic water bottles is so important. it is because we want to reduce that waste going into the landfill. we want to reduce the burden on our environment. we want to create jobs. the folks on the line behind me and above me, those are folks that have employment because of these programs. we have added over 118 people in the last couple of years to the roles of the employed in these green collar jobs because of the recycling and composting programs. we actually created economic stimulus by building facilities like this and putting people to work to do that job. ball the folks out here in the hard hats are also supported by people in the office is doing the processing, doing accounting, doing the bookkeeping, so there is a multiple in terms of jobs that are created because of programs like we have established. it was error, we were less than 50%.
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when i first w6urw@8yyixorwakñwe were roughly 35% effective, which was pretty impressive. it was higher than almost any other big city in this country, but we had an= reaching 50%, and they said it could not be done. we said we would reach 70%, and i was so proud when we broke 72%, and here we are with a goal of 75% by 2010, and not only did we achieve that. as i just region, we are at 77%. on our way -- ahead of schedule in fact, to be at 0 waste by 2020. there is no city that i know of anywhere in the world that could ever even imagine within the next number of years to be at zero ways. this is achievable because think about this -- even though we are at 77%, the remaining trash that
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comes here that ends up in a landfill -- already, we have identified 2/3 of it that could easily be diverted if folks would do more composting at home and do more recycling at home and use these bins you see behind me. i do not want this to become a psa for our recycling efforts, although that is always good, and remember, it is the kids teaching the adults, which is always good. but this is good for the environment, good for the economy, and a san francisco can do this, cities across california and cities across america can do this. i will remind you of the great line by michelangelo, who said that the biggest risk is not that we aim to hawaii and miss but that we aim to low and --. it would have been easy for us to have a goal of 50% recycling rate by 2020. a lot of states, a lot of cities across the state, that will be tow%8x4ç:vw1qs8mna ++%uq
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when you do that, you get people to organize that quality of imagination, where people in the private sector and public sector, using the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit coming up with new ideas and attitudes that may seem untoward or a little controversial or extreme at first, but suddenly, when you peel it back and look back two or three years, you go, "my gosh, that makes so much since." if you make a few mistakes in the process, but ultimately, you create a goal that is accomplished that becomes an example for other people and other cities to achieve with similar goals and accomplish similar efforts. we are really proud of our collective effort in san francisco and the people in a city that have stepped up. they mocked us a bit. i even was a little concerned about the composting requirement
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at first, but now i'm doing it. other folks are doing it, and it is really exciting to achieve these extraordinary goals. green collar jobs. the new economy. this is our future. this is real. it is happening now, and it could be happening everywhere else, not just in the great city and county of san francisco. >> ladies and gentlemen, i want to welcome you to the newest of the art materials stores. we are very, very excited to open our new facility here in san francisco. we have been here for a while, but this new facility is wonderful. it is going to bring wonderful things to the neighborhood.
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our president, who is the president of our retail stores, is going to make a number of comments on how we work with the community, and also our students and teachers. thank you. [applause] >> welcome. welcome, mayor newsom. welcome to another art materials grand opening. despite the economic unrest we face, we are growing, serving, and creating jobs in all the communities where we have a presence. in fact, we are one of the few family-owned businesses in the u.s. that can say that while celebrating our 100th anniversary. how do we do it? we put people and communities first. while we are one of the largest independent suppliers of art materials in the country, providing the broadest assortment and low prices, it is
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really our service and community involvement that sets us apart from the others. every year, our list of colleges and universities we support has grown. today, we visit over 250. whether on campus or at the events we sponsor, we see the same story unfolding. that is communities and the arts are struggling to get funding, improve, and revived. it is so important to remember, while the foundation behind art and life do not change, the supporting structure continuously evolves with time. as part of this evolution, we and others like the mayor's support the continuing of art and the revival of communities in which they exist. here in san francisco, the market street community was once
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a thriving, exciting center for the arts. it was a place for the people in the city to come to forget their social and political differences and just another to enjoy life. hasn't san francisco waited and debated long enough on providing this area? now, along with mayor newsom, the planning and arts commission, galleries, theaters, and artists themselves, in places like san francisco's st., we are helping paint the way to revival today. we are not waiting for the economy to turn, but helping it turned around today. we will build a better market street for tomorrow. thank you and enjoy. [applause] >> do you have to introduce me? >> i do not have to. everybody knows you. ladies and gentlemen, the mayor
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of san francisco. >> thank you all for being here. do not let me get in the wake of the most important sound, which is not my voice. it is the register. the retailers will appreciate what i am saying. this is once again a testament to this renewed vision, this renewed energy, this renewed effort to revitalize the central market, the fact that so many of you took time to be here. if i could turn these cameras around, we could see the folks not only in the store but throughout the district. they come down almost every time we come down to celebrate another milestone. the reason we do this is we are marking progress. the reason we are doing this is we think every opening like this is not insignificant. it is extraordinarily significant to the revitalization of the central market area. we have long believed, but could not demonstrate, because we
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could not show people that arts will be the economic catalyst for revitalizing the central market area. the artistic expression, the community, the artistic contributions are self evident to anyone who has lived or visited san francisco. we have not necessarily organized the arts community in the measure and fashion today. do not get me wrong. we do not do the organization. the community is organizing itself in a meaningful way. we are just providing the conditions or the conduits to establish the conditions to allow that to flourish in an organic matter. and that is why this store has moved to the heart of this district. that is a big deal. they have not only revitalized a remarkable and spacious flotation -- spacious location, exponentially bigger than i
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imagined, but have doubled the number of employees in this economy that are working for them. that should not be lost on anyone. what i love about the employees is they are also customers. they are artists themselves. there is tremendous diversity and expression with the staff. congratulations on all your success and the growth of this business. you get it. you do it right. you speak the language of those that are on this side of the aisle. the folks on the other side understand the unique needs of their customers. i am thankful that you recognized not just in your opening comments, but recognized throughout your stewardship of this brand, the importance of contribution and giving back, the importance of what is happening outside your doors. we also understand that you need help and support and that this is not the end. we know that from our friends at fashion cafe on sixth street.
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we know every business accounts. we have more work to do. something else we want to celebrate in the market today -- in market today is this thursday, tomorrow, in 24 hours, we will be launching this arts fair, this arts market that will be in the un plaza between the hours of 12 and 8:00 p.m., showcasing the individual and collective efforts of artists throughout our community and reinforcing this artist imperative. we are working with intersection of the arts and the black rock foundation, and others. they have identified 72 to 75 other arts organizations that are down here looking for space, that are encouraged about what
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is happening and encouraged about their prospects to put together the resources with city support, these low and no interest loans we are handing out. we will be following that with some really exciting things in september, where we will start doing some dance and some theater out on the streets and sidewalks, as i believe that is where theater should be. it is democratizing the medium. that is something else i think is going to create a lot of energy, good will, identity for the neighborhood. a lot of good things happening. some months back, people said we were just shutting down markets street. it was an anti-car program. it was not about that. it was using that in a way that could anchor these other efforts. i see randy shaw here. i am glad he is here. he has be g